Red Brocket Deer

The red brocket deer are native to the neotropical region of the Yucatán Penninsula in southern México. They live in dense tropical forests with closed canopies and prefer either moist or really dry climates. They tend to stay near marshes, swamps, and stream along thick vegetative cover.

Their body size helps them move more easily through water and dense vegetation and remain unnoticed by predators. They are the largest members of the genus of brocket deer, the head and neck exhibit a light grayish-brown color, the inner thighs, throar, tail, and inner part of the ears are white, with the rest of the body being a reddish brown to chestnut red in color.

Included in the hunt

4 full days of hunting
Transportation for
the merida airport
Daily meals
License and tags
Trophy field care
Documentation for
export of your trophies


March through April

Not included in the hunt

Lodging & meals within Merida city if applicable gratuities.