Ocellated Turkey

The ocellated turkey is the sister species to the north american wild turkey, it is considered a neotropical species because it utilizes tropical deciuous forests, savanna, open marshland and agricultural, forests matrix enviroments. They live only in the mexican yucatan penninsula which include the states of Yucatan, Campeche, and Quintana Roo and also in Central America, the northern part of guatemala and belize.

It’s appearance is unmistakable with brilliantly colored plumage of green, blue, gold, black and bronze. The head is featherless and exposed skin with powder-blue and dotted with orange and red nodules.

Males unlike the other five wild turkey subspecies do not have beards and are known for their massive spurs and like any other turkey subspecies they have a distinct gobble that can be heard from the roost.

Included in the hunt

4 days of full hunting
Daily meals
Tag and license
Game field care
Documentation for
exportation of antlers and cape


March through April

Not included in the hunt

Lodging & meals within Chihuahua city if applicable gratuities.