Gould’s Turkey

The gould’s turkey is one the six wild turkey subspecies. They survive in the arid regions of the south-central United States and México. The gould’s is similar in weight to the eastern wild turkey weighing 18 to 30 LBS and females weighing 8 to 12 LBS on average. However, they generally are larger in size with longer legs, feet, and larger tail feathers then any other subspecies, their tail feathers white in color rather than cream like an eastern wild turkey. The gould’s turkey prefers mountain habitats, which are often quite dry and rugged terrain with steep rocky canyons found here in the Sierra Madre mountain range.

Included in the hunt

4 full days of hunting
Transport to and from the
Chihuahua city airport
Daily meals
License and tags
Game field care
Documentation for
export of your trophies


Mid april through mid June

Not included in the hunt

Lodging & meals within Chihuahua city if applicable gratuities.